Images of Iran in 1967


The images on this page were taken by my father, Mehdi Mahboubian, a well known Iranian scholar, art dealer, collector and lover of Persian culture.  He took them in 1967, on a trip from Tehran to Shiraz.  At that time,  Iranian society had reached a crossroads between the magic of its ancient culture and the forces of modernization. The country was happy and prosperous for a while, though change, for good or bad, would become inevitable.

My father shot the photos as souvenirs of his trip. He wanted a record of the sights, people, and way of life he loved so much.  From the kabab man to the bazaris, to the washer woman, he captured everyday scenes in the life of every Iranian.  

I was two years old in 1967, and traveling with my parents. I can still remember the places, sounds and smells.  I visited Iran again in 1969 and in 1976, then the Islamic Revolution took place.  For me, these pictures evoke childhood memories and a closeness to my heritage.  For those who lived in Iran and are now elsewhere, they are a window into what was once home, bringing time to a halt and the familiar back to life.

Available for Purchase 

Working from the original Kodachrome film, I have painstakingly conserved, edited and printed these 20 images to make them available for the general public. They are unaltered except in that the effects of dust, scratches and wear on the original film have been corrected. The photos are available for purchase as numbered, limited edition prints, in two sizes.  

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